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At Altus CPR, we don’t just teach you the basics of BLS, CPR, and first aid. We train you to be ready for any emergency, anywhere, anytime. Our instructors are not only certified by the American Heart Association, but also have real-life experience in saving lives. They will guide you through our interactive and hands-on courses, tailored to your specific needs. You can choose from our hybrid or fully in-person classes, depending on your preference and convenience. We also offer on-site training for groups of any size. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and confidence to act fast and effectively when someone needs your help. We are based in Butler County, PA. Don’t wait, contact us today and become a lifesaver

Basic Life Support (BLS)

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The AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Course is a complete training program for anyone who needs CPR and basic life support skills. Whether you are a healthcare professional or not, you can learn how to handle any emergency situation with confidence. After finishing the course, you will receive a BLS Provider Card that is valid for two years. Join us today and become a BLS Provider with the AHA.

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CPR/AED/First Aid


Whether you need a course completion card for your job or you just want to be prepared for any emergency, our CPR, AED, and First Aid courses are perfect for you. We are certified by the American Heart Association and the American Health and Safety Institute, and we welcome anyone who wants to learn how to save lives. Our courses are fun, interactive, and easy to follow. You will learn the essential skills and knowledge to act fast and effectively in any situation. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a lifesaver.

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Hybrid Classes

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If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to get certified in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AED (automated external defibrillator), and First Aid, you may be interested in our hybrid course option. This course is approved by the American Heart Association (AHA), a non-profit organization that funds cardiovascular medical research and educates people on healthy living.

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Administer CPR with Confidence

 Altus CPR is your trusted source for BLS, CPR, and first aid training for all age groups. Our courses are based on the most current standards and guidelines from the American Heart Association. You will learn how to provide effective and timely care in any emergency situation. Our instructors are not only certified by the American Heart Association, Red Cross, or Health and Safety Institute for at least 4 years, but they also have hands-on experience in the Emergency services such as Police, Fire, EMS or other public safety fields. They will share their knowledge and skills with you in a clear and engaging way. We offer both in-person and hybrid classes to accommodate your schedule and preference.

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